Your server needs to support the following:

  • PHP (version >= 5.4)
  • Composer (version >= 1.0)
  • SQLite3 (version >= 3.7)


First of all, download SmartResolution and unzip the archive.

All of the commands in the rest of this README are relative to the root of the repository. Therefore, when you've downloaded the repo, make sure you cd smartresolution to go into the top level of the repository before running any of the following commands.

Manual installation

# install dependencies with Composer 
composer install

# create production database
sqlite3 data/production.db < data/db.sql

# (optional) populate with demo values
php data/fixtures/seed.php production


If you ever need to clear your database and go back into demo mode:

rm data/production.db
sqlite3 data/production.db < data/db.sql
php data/fixtures/seed.php production

Seeing is believing

  • run php -S -t webapp to start the server
  • go to in your browser
  • you should now see SmartResolution

Deploying to your server

Because of the directory structure of the software, by default you'd need to direct visitors to /webapp, i.e.

Most of the time, you'll want SmartResolution to be accessible at the root, i.e. To do this, you can edit your server's httpd.conf, or edit your .htaccess file, with this line:

DocumentRoot "/path/to/smartresolution/webapp"